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  • Jennifer Lim ’97 – Broadway ActressJennifer Lim ’97 – Broadway Actress
      From starring as the lead performer in the award-winning Chinglish broadway production in 2011 to appearances on TV-series Law & Order and in hollywood hits such as 27 Dresses, …

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I am a football player: Ben Teo ’10

Introducing the sixth video in our alumni video series. Meet CIS alumni board member Ben Teo ’10 who speaks about his passion for football and how it helped him forge …

I am hopeful: Rita Chan ’96

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Job Searching in a Pandemic

Top tips from our experts to help you find a job On Monday, 23 November, CIS Alumni gathered virtually to hear from Loretta Chan ‘98, a Partner at Wellesley Partners …

Inspire & Serve: A Talk on Mental Health

ALUMNI VIDEOS | Alumni conversations with Sean Lynch

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Non-Fiction Storyteller Yi-Ling Liu ’13

Sean Lynch in conversation with Yi-Ling Liu ’13, who has written for The New Yorker, The Economist, The New York Times Magazine, Technode and The Guardian, among other publications. She …

Arts Programmer Anca Chung ’00

CIS Founded Businesses

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Cognitive Leap – Mental Health Technology Solution

Cognitive Leap is China’s leading mental health technology solution for ADHD diagnostics and intervention planning. Cognitive Leap is pioneering the use of virtual reality in mental health and attentional deficits …

Qipology – Custom Made Qipaos

We care: COVID-19

In this podcast we hear directly from alumni medics serving on the frontline in hospitals around Hong Kong – the impact the current situation has on their professional and personal lives as well as advice they would like to share with our community. The Inspire and Serve series is part of CIS Alumni’s community service initiative devoted to raising awareness on social topics.


Dr. Jennifer Hung ‘02 – Department of Ophthalmology, United Christian Hospital

Dr. Alfred Wong ‘02 – Adult Intensive Care Unit, Queen Mary Hospital

Dr. Tiffany Woo ‘06 – Department of Ophthalmology, Caritas Medical Centre

Dr. Oscar Chiu ‘08 – Department of Medicine & Geriatrics, Ruttonjee Hospital


Sam Anderson, CIS Teacher Librarian, shares his digital library resources on the topic of novel coronavirus. Each resource has been pulled by Sam based on suggestions received from CIS community members and the links lead to reliable and competent expertise.


How similar is the experience of SARS outbreak to COVID-19?

Keep calm and carry on was the order of the day from our class of 2003 alumni who conducted an online Q&A session with our Y13’s this week.

Our gratitude to Justin Lau ‘03, Andrew Ng ‘03, Jocelyn Teh ‘03 and Suen Son Poon’ 03 for their advice and perspective. Read the notes from the session here.


As the pandemic has forced schools to close, many people find themselves juggling parenting with work commitments.

We are starting a depository of insightful articles which we hope will inspire and help you navigate the current circumstances.

If you have any resources you would like to add to the depository, please send them to us at


CIS Alumni Board

Co-Chairs: Rita Chan ‘96, Martin Ma ‘99

Board Members: Sylvia Au’ 02, Lily Cheng ‘97, Jason Cheung ‘00Anca Chung ‘00, Yang Wahn Hew ‘97, Robin Hwang ’00, Raymond Kwok ‘97Joseph Luk ‘00, Dallas McAfee ‘98, Ben Teo ’10