Back to School: Sophie Shannan ’23

A member of the recently graduated Class of ’23, Sophie is currently a Well-being Ambassador in the Primary School.

Con-GRAD-ulations! Sophie (front row, second from left) with other fellow Class of ’23 graduates.

Name: Sophie Shannan
Graduating Year: 2023
Current place of residence: Hong Kong

Can you tell us about your role and what you do at CIS?

As a Primary Wellbeing Ambassador, I have the wonderful opportunity to interact with the students and truly get to know them. In addition to taking care of them during recess and lunch, I also provide extra support in the classroom. It’s a rewarding role that allows me to build meaningful connections with the students and contribute to their overall well-being.

What is one new thing you’ve learned about CIS since working as a staff member?

As a student, you might think that teachers talk a lot. However, as someone who works alongside them as another staff member, you soon realise that they actually talk even more.

What has been the highlight of your time working at CIS so far?

The absolute best part of my experience has definitely been working on the field in the heat. But, in all seriousness, another amazing aspect has been reconnecting with my former teachers at Primary. It has been truly fascinating to witness how much Primary has evolved, especially with the addition of the Student Support Services Team , which I am really enjoying being a part of.

Your best and worst subject at CIS

Time to spill the beans about my two favorite subjects: Theatre and math. Theatre is my absolute favorite subject. The studio is my happy place where I can be creative and crazy. I mean, who doesn’t love strutting around the stage, pretending to be someone else, and getting applause for it? It’s like being a professional faker, and I’m totally owning it. Not to mention choreographing fun movement pieces and messing with lighting!

Now, let’s talk about math. Oh, math, we have a love-hate relationship. It’s like a complicated romance, filled with numbers that refuse to make sense and equations that laugh at my attempts to solve them. I sometimes wonder if I’m doing math or just playing a twisted game of Sudoku on hard mode. And don’t even get me started on word problems. Whoever thought math needed a side of confusing stories deserves a special place in the hall of evil genius.

What is your favourite memory from CIS?

A favourite memory of mine would have to be Year 10. I made a lot of my really close friends during this year, and even though it was during Covid, I had lots of fun just laughing and talking with them. My main group of friends is still the ones I got close to in Hangzhou, and I miss them a lot. But we have had loads of memories and hangouts since then, and I love them all very much.

Throwback photos are always fun 🙂 Please share with us some of your favourite photos from your time at CIS!