Donation Drive: CIS community bakes for healthcare workers

Donation Drive of Baked Goods is another student-driven initiative during Covid-19. CIS Alumni joins forces with secondary student groups “CIS Free Clinic” and “Drop in the Ocean” (DITO).


In the midst of the global pandemic, the focus has primarily been on the healthcare systems’ capacity (or lack of) and the amount of personal protective equipment available to Hong Kong healthcare workers. What we sometimes overlook are these healthcare workers’ mental wellbeing – how are they coping with the stress and pressure? Are they able to take a break and enjoy the sunshine? 

As a gesture of our appreciation, CIS Alumni, CIS Free Clinic and DITO will deliver homemade loaves, muffins and cakes to healthcare workers at the Queen Mary Hospital in Pokfulam next week.  In the weeks ahead, we hope to expand our coverage to more hospitals around Hong Kong.

You can get involved

Join us and convey your appreciation of frontline healthcare staff.  Please FILL OUT THIS FORM if you are able to contribute in any way and students from ‘CIS Free Clinic’ will get in touch. 

Look for baking recipes on CIS COOKS.

Learn more about Donation Drive

22-24 April 2020 Sharing love in a box of sweet treats.

Alumni volunteers and students from CIS Free Clinic delivered over 500 cookies, brownies, loaves and cupcakes baked by the CIS community to Queen Mary Hospital’s healthcare staff. We were overwhelmed by our community’s appreciation of Hong Kong’s frontline medics.  Thank you! 

16 March 2020 The second round of donations was completed on 16 March 2020.

CIS Free Clinic and CIS Alumni were able to deliver face masks and sanitizing products to three NGOs: Hong Kong Society for the Blind, Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) and The Branches of Hope. Thank you!

26 February 2020 The CIS Free Clinic and CIS Alumni have distributed 20,000 masks to The Hong Kong Medical Association, The Mission for Migrant Workers, Branches of Hope (refugees and asylum seekers) and ImpactHK (homeless and street cleaners) thanks to the generosity of our alumni donors.

The true spirit of our community is amply demonstrated in these extraordinary times.