Coronavirus Conversations with CIS Alumni Part 2

A year ago, we heard directly from alumni medics serving on the frontline in hospitals around Hong Kong. We now have an update from our medics on what their lives have been like over the past year, how we can compare the vaccines available in Hong Kong, and how we will target variants in the future.

Dr. Tiffany Woo ’06 – Associate Consultant Ophthalmologist, Caritas Medical Centre
Dr. Jennifer Hung ’02 – Associate Consultant Ophthalmologist, United Christian Hospital
Dr. Alfred Wong ’02 – Associate Consultant, Intensive Care Unit at Queen Mary Hospital
Dr. Oscar Chiu ’08 – Resident Cardiologist, Ruttonjee Hospital

Special thanks to Anca Chung ‘00 and Jon Gordon for their work behind the scenes on these podcasts!

If you missed the first one, don’t forget to listen to that one as well: