Maomi Books: Mandarin Rhymes for Toddlers

Maomi Books is a series of toddler rhymes delivered in a board book format, written by a pair of CIS alumni siblings to help foster their own toddlers’ interest in learning mandarin.  The series consists of three titles (紅色貓咪在哪裡, 綠色貓咪愛煮飯,黃色貓咪數綿羊),  with a fourth to be released in 2019.   The Maomi Books were written in a unique rhyming style with a strong catchy cadence, described by some as the “Dr. Seuss of Chinese”.  In the series, seven kitties of different colours and talents are featured in turn.  The stories not only aim to provide early exposure to mandarin in a fun format but also convey values of friendship, healthy eating, handling set-backs, personal hygiene and more!  The text is supported by inline Pinyin and translations at the back, making it easier for multi-lingual or non-native Chinese parents to enjoy the books with their little ones.  The books can be ordered online with free worldwide delivery.

Business Name:  Maomi Books

CIS Connection:  Authors are CIS alumni Alice Cheng ’95 and Lily Cheng ’97

Location / Contact Info:  Please visit for more information and to place your order!

Special offers for CIS Community:  For CIS alumni placing orders to be delivered within Hong Kong, please use discount code “MOONGATE” for 10% discount off