My Music Playground: Music and Piano Lessons

My Music Playground brings the true essence of the word ‘play’, to early childhood music and piano education. Children experience true joy and fun while learning.

Each lesson is segmented into– Singing, Moving and Responding to Music, Listening to Music and Keyboard Playing. We ‘Sing’ familiar and new songs in the musical language of Solfege so as to develop perfect pitch and by-ear instrument playing. This is followed by ‘Dance’ to develop a sense of rhythm and musical structure. Movement enables us to kinaesthetically experience musical concepts. We ‘Listen’ creatively to age appropriate music of a wide range of genre, so as to experience rich musical harmonies and understand musical structure. Finally we ‘Play’ the keyboard in a group setting and with music backing so that instrumental learning becomes a fun, social experience.

Cheaulyn has extensive work experience with children. In Melbourne, Australia, she worked as Music Therapist at The Royal Children’s Hospital, St Paul’s Special School, and at Vision Australia School for the Blind as Music Therapist and Music Teacher. She was Music Teacher at the International Montessori School, Hong Kong, before starting My Music Playground.

Business Name: My Music Playground

CIS Connection: Founder and Teacher, Cheaulyn Ng,  is CIS ‘96 alumnae

Location / Contact Info: Irving Street, Causeway Bay.

Special offers for CIS Community: Free 30 minutes private trial piano class; Free Little Fingers or My Music Playgroup trial class for CIS Community and friends up to 4 friends. Free classes can only be used on Sundays.